Tuesday, May 06, 2008

This is what a REAL vegan's freezer contains...

...not like the back page of Veg News -- those people have the most packaged food I've seen outside the Midwest. Click through to Flickr to read notes about what's in those ziploc bags.

This is what a *real* vegan freezer looks like.

My friend who most often housesits for me once complained, "You don't have any FOOD in your house, just ingredients for food..."

Here are some pictures from last summer of my refrigerator, freezer and freezer door just to prove I'mnot bullshitting you folks on the whole packaged food thing. Actually, this is a good way to inventory so I can get rid of those year-old bottles of sauces... and here's a nice photo of all the chanterelles I put up earlier this year.


Chile said...

I've got my limoncello in the refrigerator. Should it be in the freezer?

Jenn said...

I keep it there to keep it extra super cold... and there is a height limitation in the refrigerator.