Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Late Summer Bonanza

I owe a few posts - I have some started, and have some photos but haven't actually finished them up. The solar dehydrator is done, and late summer produce is kicking into high gear. My tomatoes are really taking off -- I made raw vegetable lasagna for my Labor Day Weekend getaway.
  • Last week, I juiced about 15# of Eureka lemons from Regan's yard.
  • Saturday, James and I decanted the plum-ginger and apricot infused vodkas.
  • James' friend has an Asian pear and a Meyer lemon in her backyard, so Sunday we juiced a big paper grocery sack of about 20# of Asian pears and got a gallon of juice which we put away in his freezer in quart bags.
  • After the juicefest, we went to clean off the Asian pear and Meyer trees, leaving us with about 20# of Asian pears and 15# of large Meyer lemons. Then we went to another friend's house and got 36# of quince.
  • Monday, we processed about 8# (a packed full paper grocery sack) of basil from James' yard and he made basil-pistachio and basil-pine nut pesto to freeze.
  • Tonight I'm working on the quince -- I have 10# of quince chopped and simmering for jelly, and another 5# for membrill0 -- 10# are going to Asiya at Forage Oakland and another 5# are going to a coworker who wants to make membrillo. The other 5# will be turned into a vodka infusion.
I've been busy. I swear, half-written posts with photos will magically reveal on this blog soon.


Green Bean said...

Gesh! And hear I've been figuring out what to do with my 4 bags of apples and moaning like a crazy woman. BTW, finally found a recipe for strawberry pepper jam. It's so so. Needs more heat. I'll work on it and get back to you. said...

Late summer.... my favorite time of year. Wish we had lemon trees around here but alas.... I am in New England. Did someone say frost!?