Monday, January 24, 2011

Raw Vegan Challenge - On the Menu This Week

Thursday's "mystery box" from Mariquita was full of wintery goodness.  A stalk of brussels sprouts, two gorgeous turnips, a bag full of multi colored carrots, spigariello greens, chard, three gorgeous red onions, a giant squash, savoy cabbage (bringing me up to 3 heads of savoy in the fridge!), cilantro, fennel and collards.  Ialso got 9# of  Bearess limes.

Yesterday, I decanted the current batch of kim chee to make room for a batch of savoy cabbage sauerkraut.  The newest batch of kim chee is fuschia in color from the red cabbage, purple carrots, daikon, ginger, hijiki, green onion and habanero peppers.  I ended up with 1.25 gal of kimchee, and it is delicious.  I expect it will get hotter and more gingery the longer it sits in the fridge like the first batch has done.

An awful lot of greens all at once!  I still have a bunch of kale in the fridge, so decided to make up a new batch of kale chips with both the kale and the spigariello greens.

On the list of "to do" items for this afternoon and tomorrow morning, making up my menu for the week:

  • zest & juice 9# of Bearess limes - freeze most of the juice & dehydrate the zest
  • kale & spigariello chips (dehydrator)
  • shredded brussels sprouts salad - little enoki mushrooms, lemon, nama shoyu, olive oil, black pepper, garlic, marinated in dehydrator at 105 for a couple hours
  • savoy cabbage salad w/lime, ginger, sesame oil, nama shoyu, red onion, cilantro, garlic, mango & topped with sprouted pumpkin & sunflower seeds
  • grated turnip & carrot salad dressed with agave/nama shoyu/lemon/white wine vinegar, liberal amounts of finely minced parsley & cilantro, red onion & garlic
  • sprouted pumpkin seed & sundried tomato pate
  • fennel & grapefruit salad with jalapeno & cilantro
  • soaked cashew red pepper pate
  • buckwheat & carrot pulp crackers
  • romesco sauce w/sprouted hazelnuts, cherry tomatoes & red bell pepper
  • shelling Louisana pecans that I brought home in November to store in fridge
  • key lime pie (lime, young coconut meat & water, avocado) with pecan/mac crust
I'll be using the collards to roll up pates with sprouts, shredded carrot, cucumber & zucchini sticks, kim chee and other good combos.  The best thing about all the salads is that they last quite well in the fridge and the longer they  marinate, the tastier they become.

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