Saturday, April 23, 2011

Product Review: Nacheez - It Even Fools the Cats!

At Berkeley Vegan Earth Day, I had the opportunity to sample and bring home two jars of Nacheez - a vegan "queso" style cheese to pour over nachos.  I had all sorts of ideas about steamed broccoli and mac-n-cheese but to be honest - both jars of Nacheez Spicy ended up on Nachos.  My friend Scott (an omnivore) & I had nachos with 1 bag of organic tortilla chips, 4 chopped up spring onions and some spicy organic salsa - that made a pretty good dinner.  The Nacheez is mostly nutritional yeast based, and pretty low calorie - 1 jar is 7 servings, at 20 calories per serving that's 140 calories per jar.

To be honest - I didn't even sample the mild version.  The spicy version isn't too spicy but it has a nice flavor with bits of peppers in it, smoky, cheesy and rich.  My cats went loco when I heated up the nachos and while my friend & I were eating them.  George, especially, was all over my lap, begging for cheesy goodness. 

Right now, it's available at Never Felt Better Vegan Boutique and at Food Fight! (they do online orders).

This is totally NOT the sort of thing that I would have bought based on anyone's review or seeing it on a shelf.  I never bought the non-vegan versions but this stuff is way better in flavor than the horribly oily orange non-vegan queso stuff that gets slopped on tortilla chips. 

I'm all over Nacheez - looking forward to getting my hands on some more - but it does seem kind of silly for me to order it from a Portland store when it is made 100 miles away in Sacramento... so I guess I'll have to wait for it to show up here.


Vegan on the go said...

I really want to try this!! Thanks for the great review!

(Also, I wasn't sure how else to get in touch with you, but are you still looking for a roommate for Vida Vegan Con? Or could you use another? I'm looking as well!)

Jenn said...

Also try "Food for Lovers Vegan Queso" - freaking brilliant stuff, right out of the jar, and spicier than the Nacheez spicy version. I have to write an updated review of all, now.

As of now - I am planning to stay with friends in Portland - not looking for a roommate for the conference.

I just have to sit down and make some blog updates and finalize and release some posts from the past couple of months!

mim said...

Thanks for the review. I'll see if I can find this in my area. Sounds delish.