Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Photo Opportunity Missed: Goat Mower

This afternoon I went for a little hike in the Oakland/Berkeley Hills near Temescal Recreation Area.  I saw a very pretty dog and then was shocked to see a bunch of goats - and then even more goats!  I had a chat with Martin, Bolivian goat herder hired by the city to clean up the grass on steep hillsides with his crew of 300 goats and goat herding dog Willie.  The goats were all very small goats - and some had big curly horns - but they were all very hungry goats!

He said that they will spend the night - he moves around an electrified mesh gate (he uses a car battery) to keep the goats from wandering out of the target area.

Martin also had a mouth full of the most amazing bling that I have seen up close!  He recommended that I visit his hometown of Oruro, Bolivia (see the wiki entry) and the Parque Nacional Sajama which has a biiiiiiiiiig mountain that is well worth visiting.  From Flickr:

Parque Nacional Sajama - Bolívia

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