Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dried Tomato Disappointment

Looking for tea today, I moved my quart jar of dried Principe Borghese tomatoes - 8 lbs fresh.  Full of little worms covered in webbing (not moving around).  *sigh*  It only cost $5.60 for the tomatoes, but it took me a while to pick them and then wash, dry, slice and dehydrate them... I guess it's good I didn't eat them.  Was it one bad tomato?  Were there several? I'll never know.  I wonder if I should have frozen the dried tomatoes after they cooled off (just put the whole jar in the freezer, right?)


Anonymous said...

How long did you leave them "out"? I am having a hard time with fruit flies, but I can't stop eating fruit! LOL

Jenn said...

Not sure what you mean by "out" - I picked the tomatoes, washed and prepped them the next day. Threw out any bruised or overripe tomatoes.

Put them in the Excalibur - dried them - let them cool a bit (not more than an hour) - packed all into a quart jar (they fit!) and sealed it up.

These are definitely NOT fruitfly larvae! I grew those in high school.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so they're not all out in the open, they're sealed in a jar, that is weird that it would "grow" worms... Hope you find out why so that it doesn't happen again with another batch. I was looking at dehydrators and couldn't figure out which one is best.

Jenn said...

Yup - that means there were eggs somewhere on the fruit that I didn't get off washing - and since I don't dehydrate at super high heat, the eggs survived and have plenty of food to eat in that jar!

Excalibur is great - you can get a refurb on Ebay like I did - I couldn't tell it wasn't new at all!