Friday, July 20, 2012

Plum Jelly Round-Up

Earlier this year, tired of squirrel bandits on my bird feeders - I discovered that I could trap them in my Hav-A-Hart trap -- and relocated 3 of 5 squirrels to a park two miles away.  The unexpected upside of this is that my neighbors finally got tree-ripened loquats and I had a LOT more plums on the tree in my backyard this year -- I harvested about 125 lbs in the two days before July 4th!

I barely had room in my freezer and fridge to put all the juice and puree -- and this week I am making up jelly -- a lot of it!

16 c plum juice + 1 c lemon juice + 4 c sugar + 5Tb & 1tsp pectin + 5Tb & 1tsp calcium water + 3.75 oz habaneros (seeds cut out) =
  • 21- half pints plum habanero jelly

  • 18 - half pints 
  • 15 - quarter pints
20 cups of plum juice + 5 c sugar + pectin/calcium water + 1 c lemon juice =
  • 11 - 20 oz jars 
  • 13 - half pints

24 cups of plum juice + 6 c sugar + pectin/calcium water + 1 1/4 c lemon juice + lemongrass =
  • 33 - half pints


brell said...

poor squirrels!! i hope they didn't leave squirrel children behind... :,(

but i get why you did it...

Jenn said...

Don't worry - I keep a close eye on those guys - and the squirrels I trapped were definitely guys! Also, it was back in February, not squirrel baby season. :)

John on a bike said...

Love the plum jelly! We ran the mess through a food mill to separate pits and peels and it worked awesome. More like a jam. Mmmmm, habanero.