Thursday, April 24, 2008

DIY Foods update

Veg pickle is really good. It's very tasty and I put it in the fridge today because it wasn't fizzing nearly as much as when I opened it up to check it three days ago. It's delicious and the pepper has really permeated throughout.

Kombucha is coming along slowly... looks like something is growing in there, so I am going to have a hand at making some kombucha this weekend.

Sourdough starter -- doesn't seem like much is happening. Was I supposed to just leave the lid on? I left the lid on and it is in a warm-ish place, but the flour is separating from the water. I shake it a bit to mix it but... it just looks like flour and water.

Tomato seedlings - some look really good and some are still pretty scrawny... this weekend I'll do some digging and plant stuff like peas and beans and squash. Pictures will be up for the seedlings and stuff soon.

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