Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Salsa Suggestions

Summer veggies and fruit are in full force! For your amusement - here are some of my favorite salsa combinations:

Early Summer Salsa: honeydew melon, cilantro (and a little mint), lime, jalapeno, white onion and toasted pumpkin seeds, and something a bit tart (pomegranate if in season).

Mid Summer Salsa: roasted red pepper (in broiler, peel and remove seeds), fire roasted corn (in broiler), roasted pasilla pepper (same as red pepper) & white onions, pan seared tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, lime, jalapeno

For this one, use a VERY sharp knife to cut the corn off along the rows. Once you get the first 1-3 rows out, it'll be fairly easy to pry out the rest of the kernels.

Fall Salsa: persimmon, jicama, parsley, habanero pepper, red onion (soaked in vinegar to soften) and toasted pumpkin seeds

Mango Salsa: mango, toasted pumpkin seeds, cilantro, lime and finely minced red onion and jalapeno.

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