Friday, June 27, 2008

Garden Update

GARDEN: The tomato plants seem happy - I have to get out there and check on the grow, re-tie them to stakes and such. The basil is starting to take off. I picked up a few small plants on Sunday - zucchini, lettuce, a red bell and a habanero pepper and planted them all before work on Wednesday. The peppers went into pots and I put the zucchini by the fence on the driveway so it can spread out -- I want to have some yummy fried, stuffed zucchini blossoms since James won't let me eat his!
IMGP6980 IMGP6981

Zucchinis taking off, but the ladybugs are sticking around!

IMGP6977 IMGP6969
Lettuces are slowly starting, container garden not as big as ground garden.

IMGP6976 IMGP6963
Tomatoes are growing like gangbusters!

CSA: The CSA is coming along with problems every week -- they allow customization and print these great labels, but the team in the packing room disregards the labels. I keep getting stuff that is on my "do not send" list. Today, I got more summer squash (still have some from last week), rosemary (two plants is enough, thanks!), and lettuce (I still have some from James' garden). And I did not get strawberries or plums which were on the list to go to my house. One more week -- if next week has too many problems, I'm going to give up and go shopping at the store or Farmer's Market for my produce like I did before. Boo!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Your garden is totally inspiring! Do you live in San Francisco? If so, how do you manage to grow so many things?

Jenn said...

I live in the East Bay in a duplex with a back yard. I have lots of pix up on Flickr - more will be coming!

Other than cool temperatures which make cucumbers, strawbs and peppers grow more slowly, the only hazard is Fred, the landlord's daughter's dog. They visit every other weekend. Fred is big and red (a golden retriever?), very happy and gets excited to see people. Today he ran laps through my garden because he was so happy to see me. *sigh*