Friday, July 11, 2008

Bye Bye CSA

I have canceled my CSA account for now. Though Farm Fresh To You permits customization and uses a very clear labeling system -- it's in English and the packing room does not really read the labels very well. You'd think that they could print them in English/Spanish but this has resulted in a lot of management on my side. In addition, the box often comes late -- which wouldn't be a problem if everything wasn't quite so ripe. I have had a lot of very overripe stuff in my boxes -- put strawberries in the fridge on Friday and on Sunday they are moldy and mushy. That's not good.

Today I got basil -- which I thought was on my "do not send" list -- which was dry and crunchy on the bottom with black tips on the leaves. It looks nothing like the gorgeous basil I picked in my garden last night. I'm going to start going to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market on Tuesdays or the Temescal market on Sundays -- I hate the crowds but I'm going to have to go do my own shopping now. Bah!


Green Bean said...

That's funny. Farm Fresh to You recently merged with the guy who was delivering to my buying club. Notice I said "was delivering". They are going through some real transitions and things are pretty disorganized. I finally hung up my coolers as the buying club host because I couldn't take it any more. Like you, I'll just go to the farmers' market and be happy. Besides, I don't mind the crowds. I'm nosy and like to people watch. :)

Chile said...

Oh, so sorry to hear of bad CSA experiences. Ours works so hard to maximize produce quality and keep the members happy. I hope you can find better food at the Farmer's Markets.

Claire said...

Oh boo, crunchy basil is never a good thing. Hope you enjoy the farmer's market!