Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Persimmons & Mushrooms

PERSIMMONS: I'm still up to my ears in persimmons - they are ripening about 2-3 per day now. I'm going to make fruit leather and the Excalibur is humming along, drying slices of persimmon into sugary, translucent, chewy treats. Even though I slice the persimmons at 1/8" to 1/4" - they still dehydrate down quite thinly.

MUSHROOMS: Nothing yet! Trips to the Oakland Hills and Lagunitas yielded some mushy oversize oyster mushrooms - at least Veronica got to see some mushrooms on her first trip out! Hoping to find porcini on Sunday - we just need another splash of rain and hopefully they'll be pinning and pop.

CALLING ALL PORTLAND BLOGGERS! If you could pick one Portland vegan restaurant, which would it be? VooDoo Doughnuts doesn't count.

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