Sunday, January 04, 2009

Chanterelles, 2009

Naysayers be damned! Despite a slow start to the season due to unseasonably dry weather, Eric, Veronica, James and I trudged around our favorite Oakland Hills spot this morning - it was Veronica's 5th mushroom outing - and found about 10# of golden chanterelles, a few random non-edibles and were home by noon.


Eric uncovered a very gnarly, deformed looking chanterelle - probably the result of the mushroom having to push up through ground that was drying faster than it could grow and push out of the earth.




Barbara GF said...

I look forward to seeing your mushroom pictures, Jenn. That's one thing I never felt really confident about doing on my own — foraging for mushrooms. But what a treat they are when you know what to look for! said...

Hi Jenn, Chanterelles are one of my favorites! Can't wait to see your pics... we still have a few months before this snow melts and we start to see any mushrooms.:(