Sunday, May 31, 2009

Garden Update - Tomato Relocation Project

James graciously offered to help with my tomato relocation project - in fact, he had some great ideas and mapped out my rows and we put in some seedings from his house, and moved little tomato plants so they are in better rows. It looks promising!

I've noticed that since my garden is so late in getting going, there are a LOT more weeds. The cucumber plants are doing great - they are popping out of the ground and surrounding their little mounds. Even the kabocha squash seems ok.

The broccoli rab & chard are happening, but all too close together. I picked a TON of mint while James reorganized the volunteer tomato seedlings. When we went inside, we got into some trouble in the kitchen - a giant load of mint pesto. It came out so great that I will definitely be making more of this next time I weed the garden.

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