Thursday, May 28, 2009


You know what they say, right? Third time is the charm? Well, they LIED!

OK - for real, the seedlings were doing MUCH better. The weather was warm so I put the tray outside to harden off and had high hopes. That is, til I came home from work the day after a return from camping with a friend to discover that - will good intentions - he had put the clear plastic cover back on the seed tray and they all DIED while I was at work on Tuesday.


I told my friend and he was very sorry - in fact, he respectfully converted the little seed cup markers to tombstones of varying faiths (cross, star, crescent moon,peace sign, and I think an ankh) before I got home Wednesday. I just found the cute seedling marker modifications tonight when I got home. I love this friend - he has a really endearing cute streak.

Time to move to Plan B: relying on volunteers and seedlings from James.

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David said...

It's nice to know others have issues with seedlings. Every year I give it a go, and occasionally I get some good radishes or lettuce. But other wise I am forced to purchase from he shop! This year I am trying out a cool frame to plant seeds in so I get them in the ground sooner... (Southern Hemisphere so we in NZ have had one of the coolest May's and the coldest June on record, so not much growing right now.)

I do have a bit of solution brewing... when I blog about it I will let you know.