Thursday, December 03, 2009

Mushrooms & Lemons

MUSHROOMS: Yesterday I went out for another quick golden chanterelle harvest, returning home with two large, very mature, coccora (aka amanita lanei or amanita calyptoderma) and about 3# of golden chanterelles.  Since I held onto the coccora to show to my friend Eric in person for positive ID - they went mushy and I couldn't eat these "poor man's matszutake"


Don't forget - the Fungus Fair is this weekend - the 40th Annual Fungus Fair will be happening at Lawrence Hall of Science this year due to some work at the Oakland Museum.

LEMONS: After months of neglect, I went to my neighbors' backyard to harvest lemons from their very large, productive lemon tree.  There were softball size lemons - some of the juiciest lemons I know in the area - and tons of smaller green lemons.  As I picked, lemons were just jumping off the tree at me!  Fortunately, I only had to walk a block home with 95# of lemons in a backpack and two grocery bags.  I still have tons of limoncello from last year - but I guess it's time to make lemon marmelade, and soon, since I am going to be going out of town next weekend for my birthday and lemons won't keep indefinitely!

Look forward to some lemony goodness soon!

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Unknown said...

I found a bunch of these in the Santa Cruz Mtns but did not eat them. next time I think I will. The ID seems pretty straight forward. Here is my favorite shot:
Amanita Calyptroderma