Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy 64th Birthday day to my Mother -- she's reading my presents to her: "Eating Animals" "Becoming Vegan" on her Kindle, and "The Vegan Diet as Chronic Disease Prevention" in paper.  She says that it's not easy to read "Eating Animals" and she may just go more vegetarian (cheese!) but she's finding that she's buying more for her money by not buying meat at the grocery store, and eating very well!  Yay mom!


Merete said...

Hi Jenn, your mom rocks:)

I'm a volunteer with a vegan organization, Four Feet Forward, and we are looking for a project manager's assistance. Send me an email at if you don't mind, and I'll let you know the details. AND I will attach a cute cat picture of my own black cat;)

Merete Rietveld
Volunteer Project Coordinator
Four Feet Forward - Volunteer Professionals for Animals

Lara said...

Hey Jenn,
So a big belated bday to your Moms! without reading those books but tasting the fabulous fodder I too am heading in that direction as of late. Making your Cheesey Broccoli Rice Casserole tonight for work party. Definately splitting it for home eating! Lara