Thursday, March 24, 2011

Singer Sewing Machine Table

I am so happy to share a picture of my new table! My grandmother had an old Singer treadle operated sewing machine - which worked (I used it often as a child). Unfortunately, I didn't acquire it in the break-down of her household (or my mom's) but have always harbored an interest in having an old treadle machine base for a table.

A few weeks ago, I found this gorgeous slab of cocoa-colored granite streaked with caramel and flecks of chocolate/espresso - already mounted on plywood with a slab of particle board on the back. It was so heavy that it was all I could do to wrangle the thing into the back of my friend's Toyota Tacoma pickup truck and it stayed there for nearly a month while I fantasized about making it into a table.

Two days ago, someone offered a Singer treadle sewing machine base on Freecycle and I happened to have use of my friend's truck and went out and got it. Since I had left the table top in the truck for so long - the particle board was ruined and it took me 2 hours to pry and chip it off, but after much work, a little sanding and four #16 1.25" screws, I made my new table! Click through for more pictures of the nice slab of stone. This goes so well with my antiques!


Anonymous said...

Now that's a beauty! My mom is really into antique sewing things, and we used to have an old sewing table as well, but not nearly as nice or in as good condition. I'll have to show here this- She'd love it!

Jenn said...

Thanks! I'm just tickled with the way it turned out. The granite top is like some kind of crazy mocha-fudge swirl ice cream - it's got some light flecks that catch the light (like mica). It's really nice to sit at this table - I was actually thinking about making a little flyer with a picture of the table and posting it with "THANK YOU" printed on it at the phone pole where I found it! :)

Girl on Bike said...

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I love that you have included something like this into your home and it has the memories of your grandmother's sewing machine.