Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Flaxseed Crackers - the latest experiment

THERE IS NO WAY you can screw up flaxseed crackers if you have a good blender, soak the hell outta your nuts, and use good fresh or dried ingredients and don't abuse salt or any powdered spices.

This week's experiment in sweet flaxseed-almond crackers was an attempt to make a raw biscotti.

Orange-Cranberry Almond Flaxseed Crackers
2 c. orange pulp (from juicing) & zest from as many oranges as you have patience to zest with your microplane
1 lb frozen cranberries, defrosted and pulsed in the blender or food processor
2 c. raw almonds, soaked and sprouted and pulverized into med (smaller than coarse) pieces
2 c. flax seeds, pulverized in your blender and soaked with 4-5 c. water
1 c. agave
1 t. sea salt of your choice (I like pink)

Mix it all together - add some raw cacao powder if you want to get fancy. Spread it out on your dehydrator sheets and put it in the dehydrator. Make sure you pop any unbroken cranberries (makes nice red splotches).

Yum. Pictures coming if I can manage to take any before I eat all these.

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My Year Without said...

Love your blog. I have been wanting to make my own crackers lately. It was funny, but just the other day I got a hankerin to do this. It might be the result of giving up "peripheral" that I mean mostly packaged foods that I find myself snacking on during the day. I'm trying to get my focus off of food so much. Eating healthy food doesn't solve my problem. I still tend to eat too much, albeit healthy.

Also, I love your story about finding lemons. You don't hear about people meeting neighbors much anymore in this hurry, hurry hurry day and age. It was really sweet what you wrote.