Friday, February 20, 2009

Sad News About Zachary's Pizza...

But at least this explains why I get hives for days after I eat it:

Hi Jennifer-
Thanks for the email. We can't give out all the specific ingredients in our dough, however I can tell you that our dough is not vegan. It contains butter.
If that makes our pizza out of the question for are welcome to buy our sauce and make your own version of Zachary's Pizza at home! It might not be the exactly the same...but I have heard some people make a version that is pretty darn close.
Becki Gagnon
Zachary's Pizza Manager


Becki Gagnon said...

Hi Jennifer--
I am following up on your email from a few years back (yep--we keep 'em!) to let you know we are now offering a vegan option. Our WHEAT stuffed and thin crusts are vegan and we offer Daiya mozz-style vegan cheese. Our website is in the process of getting updated.

Zachary's Pizza

Jenn said...

Thanks, Becki!