Saturday, October 17, 2009

A New Home for the Dehydrator!

It turns out that the solar dehydrator wasn't really for me, after all!  Right after returning to the Bay Area following almost 2 weeks of dual sport motorcycle riding in Mendocino & Death Valley, I called my redwoods activist treesitter friend, Amy, to tell her about my two days in her neck of the woods (no pun intended).  She invited me her baby shower at her folks' house in the South Bay and after some thought - I realized I had the perfect baby shower gift for my treesitting friend!  She lives in an area that gets pretty hot in the summer and this seems the perfect eco-minded gift!

When I told her and her partner about my idea - and showed them the photos - they were very excited!  Her partner informed me that they had lots of friends with orchards and both assured me this was a most excellent gift. 

Now, transportation is the issue - her brother & I are conspiring to determine a good time to wrap it up and strap it to the roof of his SUV for the trip North.  Super yays!!!

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