Friday, August 13, 2010

The LAST French Press I Will Ever Buy

After more than 6 years of service, I somehow managed to set down my  Bonjour french press carafe at an angle in the last 1" before it touched the dish towel covered countertop in such a way that it fractured.  After cursing and smashing the last bits of it into the recycling bin, I checked prices for replacements online and hiked up to the strip mall at the corner to see what they had at CVS. 

As I passed Starbucks, my brain checked me and I went in to take a look.  They had a Bodum Bistro stainless steel double wall 34 oz french press.  Intrigued, I continued to CVS to see the options.  The press they had there was glass and horribly flimsy plastic for $19.99 - about the cost of the replacement glass online. 

It took me about five seconds to see that the $50 stainless steel model would save me money in the long run - even if the handle breaks off - the carafe will work forever and I won't have to put the last cup of coffee in the microwave to warm it up because it's better insulated.  Even better, when I got home - I saw that Starbucks has some sort of deal with Bodum as the price listed on the Bodum website is $80! 

Yes, it was Starbucks.  Yes, it is made in China.  But - I'll never have to replace it!  I'll just call that green and call it a day.

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Chile said...

Funny, I just broke a tea pot that I used for making coffee recently too. I've still got one large glass French press and one small one. Then I'll be looking at the stainless steel model, too.

Avoiding replacement cost is why we also spent extra money on our last rice cooker. We got a stainless steel one instead of one of the coated aluminum models where the nonstick coating wears off within a few years' of use. The stainless steel one is not bad to clean if soaked immediately after getting all the rice out.