Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My New Fave - Bamboosa Circle Skirt

After a week on the beach and a relatively sprightly return on the Kalalau Beach Trail in Kauai last spring, I wanted to treat myself to a day on the town in Kapa'a the following day.  After I got a haircut, I wanted something more comfortable than the shorts and cotton knit sundress I had been wearing.  I happened to walk into a store selling Bamboosa clothing - made from sustainably grown & organic bamboo. 

The knee-length skirt has been so comfortable that I went to the website and got two more skirts - and a pair of men's boxers made of the same fabric - for myself.  I could be come positively large as a house and not care wearing these skirts. 

After placing my order online - I e-mailed customer service a few days later to find out how long it would take to receive my items.  Their customer service was quick, responsive and friendly (thanks Jennifer!).

My purchase arrived today - everything is as I hoped: Priya Skirt, Priya Circle Skirt (just a longer version), knit scarf and men's boxers.  The men's boxers are VERY comfortable.  The entire package was plastic free!  Recycled cardboard box sealed with brown-tape-glue and the clothing was wrapped in chlorine free recycled tissue and tied with brown twine.  No plastic!

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