Friday, December 17, 2010

Millennium Winter Mushroom Cooking Class 2011

If you have never attended a cooking class at Millennium - or even at all - I highly recommend getting behind the counter at Millennium with Chef Eric Tucker for his annual Winter Mushroom Cooking class.  There's usually a pre-class foraging trip in addition to the pre-class Farmer's Market trip.

Winter Mushroom Cooking Class
Sunday January 9, 2011
10am-4pm (ish)
Join Eric Tucker for a hands on cooking class in the Millennium kitchen. Spend the second Sunday of the new year creating multiple mushroom filled courses that you will then have the opportunity to sit down and enjoy family style. You will be working with mushrooms that Eric has foraged locally and you will have the opportunity to join Eric for a guided tour through the Ferry Building Farmers' Market on Saturday, January 8 at 10am.
Space is limited, please call Alison for a reservation 415.345.3900x13


Anonymous said...

Man, I am so incredibly jealous of anyone who gets to attend! I was just thinking that a fun cooking class like this would be the perfect birthday present- And it's 3 days before my birthday, too. Just on the wrong coast is all. :(

Jenn said...

I was just thinking of you, sweetie!

I just had a big pile of Hachiya persimmons - things were so busy and I meant to see if you wanted me to send you some unripe fruit but it's too late now - I can send you some dried persimmons, and have lots of frozen pulp.

I signed up for the Portland conference next August because I saw you and Bianca and many other bloggers would be there and I'm dying to see you in person!

If you can - plan for extra time and come to SF for a few days; I'll take you round to Millennium to meet Chef Eric and the pastry chef. He often has a class that time of year so I can find out what his plans are (or we can just take him out for beers).