Saturday, July 11, 2009

Apricots & Plums

10 gallons of cherry plums!

Last week, I picked 10 gallons of plums in my backyard - that resulted in 3 gallons of juice and nearly 2 gallons of puree - and I picked about 150 apricots on Wednesday. Today is going to be a big canning day. If you'd like to visit to see how I do it - drop a line here!



In priority, this week's projects will include:

  • Apricot infused vodka (first because it's the easiest!)
  • Apricot jam (plain apricot, apricot chipotle)
  • Apricot chutney
  • Apricot fruit leather
  • Candied apricots (they can hang out on the back burner)
  • Plum fruit leather (might be tart, though!)
  • Plum jelly (plain plum, plum serrano, plum habanero)
  • Plum sauce
Before I get started, I want to inventory current preserves still on the shelf. Then, Wash and prep all the jars. Next, a quick trip to BevMo to get the vodka, and then I will swing by Oakland's Chinatown to get the ginger (you can't argue with 50 cents a pound and ginger is not a highly pesticided crop, so...).

These apricots are massive - they are the size of small peaches! I put some into the dehydrator last night, so we'll see how they come out, if at all dried!


Chile said...

Is the plum sauce you're planning to make Asian plum sauce? If so, can you share or point me towards a good recipe?

Jenn said...

Two plum sauce recipes up here on the blog - both based on general (Asian) plum sauce recipes... and delish.