Sunday, November 08, 2009


While mountain bike riding with friends in the Oakland Hills this morning, I stopped to move a dead squirrel off the road since "roadkill makes more roadkill."  As I started to remount my trusty steed, I nearly stepped on two golden chanterelles growing in the gravel inches from the paved road.

Needless to say, I grab those little golden fungi and dropped my bike.  In just a minute, I had 2# of chanterelles in my hands - and no place to keep them.  I wrapped them in my polar fleece vest and stashed them in Scott's CamelBak. Then
we high-tailed it for home to put on long pants & hiking shoes.

First we went to "the usual spot" - where we found about 3/4 lb of Oyster Mushrooms and 1# of chanterelles. Then we returned to Dead Squirrel's Spot - it was probably the most ideal first mushroom hunting trip ever - Scott had a great old time comparing it to a children's Easter egg hunt. We also collected trash (being so close to the side of the road, it helps make a plausible excuse) and picked every chanterelle we could find - bringing home about 8# in mushrooms.

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