Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fourteen Cups of Flour Later...

I just made a 7x of the Basic Persimmon Cookie recipe, and have a few notes:
  • when you hit the "blend" button to puree the persimmons, make sure the lid is secured tightly as the persimmons tend to be thick and will "jump" when the blades move
  • when you are cleaning up the 1 cup of persimmon from the wall, counter & floor, don't forget to unplug the blender (or make sure the lid is on tightly) when you move it to clean around it or you will end up with another 4 cups of persimmon sprayed up into your closed cabinet and all over your dishes
  • get out the Very Large Food Service stainless steel mixing bowl before it gets dark & cold outside
  • blending in the baking soda &  powder with the puree is a very good idea - it's more evenly distributed in the overall mix for large batches
  • potholders
Now, I just have to get these cookies bagged and put into store in my friend's empty freezer and figure out what I'm going to do with the rest of my weekend.

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