Saturday, August 02, 2008

Fair, Sunny and Breezy with a side of juicer


Happily, lovely weather prevailed on Saturday! I first went to pick up a like-new (used 5 times) Breville Juice Fountain Compact from a craigslister in the Lower Haight for $80 - and got to meet her stunningly beautiful cat, Simon -- a medium-long hair, long flowing curly whiskers and the palest, green-white eyes. *swoon* Such a gorgeous cat and nice people.

My sweetie took me to Dolores Park to meet up with the visiting Arduous, and other Bay Area green bloggers. FakePlasticFish and Car(bon) Free in California were the first to arrive, scoring parking right on 20th between Mission D. and Church. We opened some nice wine, cut up some bread, and had some of FakePlasticFish's hummus and then realized -- hey! where's everyone else! Arduous, Kale for Sale and Green Bean Dreams were all standing on the corner, scratching their heads. We flagged them down the hill and we had a lovely picnic, opening up plum habanero jelly, pistachio butter, white peach jelly and apricot jam and wolfing down Dagoba lavender chocolate and red wine. We had a great view of San Francisco, and despite a bit of wind, it was still warm enough to be comfortable and we had a fine visit. I promise - photos and more recipes coming soon!

I do love a good picnic -- I wish we could do this once a month for the Bay Area green bloggers. At the very least, FakePlasticFish have vowed to do a monthly kitty visit & picnic at each other's homes, though it could be more often since we only live 1 mile apart.

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Going Crunchy said...

Oh man, I want to visit you guys. Sniff.