Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Save the Animals...

...not just the animals in your back yard. You'll all be happy to know that after knocking on a few doors, I did find the ball python's home. "Kittycat" likely fell off a windowsill while sunning herself and her human, Eric, was very happy to have her back (pictures coming soon!).

Other animals, however, are not so lucky. Our current government has plans to eviscerate the Endangered Species Act by taking away mandatory independent reviews and allowing states to decide for themselves if their plans for roads, dams or anything else threaten any endangered species habitat. This is such a short-sighted move.

Please use this handy form to contact your representatives to voice your support of the Endangered Species Act -- USPIRG already did the work, just edit the letter if you want to customize it, fill out your information and they will send it off to your legislative representatives.

Read more about the Endangered Species Act and the animals protected by this act. Sign up for notifications from your state public interest research group on USPIRG. Also check out the Endangered Species Coalition website for information.

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