Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Green with Envy

GREEN GAGE PLUM JAM: The Green Gage plums are so GOOD! I finished up the jam and added as little sugar as possible because they were so sweet:

6 - 8 oz jars
9 - 4 oz jars

3 c. puree for sorbet

JUICER: I did test out the new juicer -- I'm not sure it's the one for me. Bits of apricot went flying off into the pulp area from the spinning knife/strainer basket that are still quite juiceable. It did a great job on lemons, though, once I cut off the peel with my knife (didn't try it with peel on).

JAM: I got the apricot-chipotle jam started, but 2 tsp of powdered roasted chipotle pepper didn't add much flavor to 4 cups of fruit, so I put a whole chipotle pepper in the warm fruit over night to soften up and flavor it.


APPLES: The apples I got on Sunday from the lovely Larissa -- same place as the plums -- are all a nice light yellow outside and when I cut them open to try them in the juicer, they are a nice red-pink inside! I have never had red flesh apples before and these are beautiful and delicious.


Chile said...

Those are gorgeous apples. They remind me of a heritage variety I had years ago called strawberry apples that had a beautiful pink pattern inside as well.

Green Bean said...

Aren't these wonderful? I believe they are called a Pink Pearl variety. I often buy them from an apple farmer from Sebastapol. Their season is VERY short though. Only 2 or 3 weeks.

Jenn said...

I'm not sure if they are Pink Pearl - there are SO many varieties of red flesh apples. We'll have to get together and compare apples-to-apples next season! :)