Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Brunch & Back on the Bicycle!

SUNRISE EASTER RIDE to Mt Tam on motorcycles is a long and growing Easter morning tradition. Many of my friends and acquaintances got up (or stayed up) to meet at various locations in the East Bay and SF to ride up to the top of Mt Tam. I, however, did not - I slept in! The idea of riding en masse, in the dark and fog and chill, on unfamiliar roads, totally did not appeal.

Instead, I opted for being the bearer of a nice bottle of champagne to brunch at the home of two nearby friends and heard all about the ride while eating yummy food. After a long leisurely brunch, much relaxing and story telling, which lead to giving a friend a massage - we found ourselves back at Barlata.

I have to say - I am really becoming a huge afficionado of Barlata - the atmosphere is pleasant, the staff are charming and timely, the food is delicious and the chef is happy to feed me though I don't eat animal products (unlike that other tapas place). I'm a big fan of their patatas bravas - way better than the other place, and they have some excellent grilled mushrooms, grilled bread with garlic & tomato and fantastic, affordable wines. What more could a food loving vegan ask for in a restaurant to share with her meat eating friends?

Despite the problems with the economy, it seems like restaurants are doing pretty well in Oakland and people are still eating out a lot!

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