Monday, April 06, 2009

George Kitty now home...

George kitty has had some problems over the last several weeks. I took all the kitties in for a check-up Friday before last, and the vet said they all looked fine. But then more problems - he would strain in pain, throw up and then urinate on the floor. Or strain in the litterbox and throw up - really a mess. Saturday morning, he was in a lot of pain - he strained and stayed in a strained squat for more than 20 minutes so I got things together and walked him up to the vet. Quite a stressful morning, actually.

George spent all weekend at the vet's office - and pulled his catheter out early Monday morning while he plotted his escape. Tests show no kidney damage, and only "grit & goo" - but no crystals. Special diet and lots more water in his future - poor thing, this happened just after his 4th birthday. The vet says that urinary tract blockages are common in male cats between 4-9 years and then they "out grow" it.

Meanwhile, he's keeping his accidents mostly on throw rugs, but has also had one on the top level of the kitty condo where he most likes to sit. Poor buddy!

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