Friday, April 24, 2009

Vietnamese Spring Rolls & Scrabble

I am beginning to think that there is just no way to screw up Vietnamese spring rolls. The rice flour/tapioca wrappers are cheap and you can just do so much with these! A group dinner & Scrabble night at a friend's seemed like the right occasion for DIY spring rolls. I had to do all the chopping at their house - so we had all these yummy ingredients to put inside:

- Vietnamese rice stick noodles
- red bell pepper slices
- fresh peppermint
- fresh chopped cilantro
- chopped peanuts
- smoked tofu
- sliced mango
- chopped green onions
- sliced avocado

We put together some dipping sauces - and guests also helped themselves from other fixings put out for salads to put together their spring rolls. Some of the wrappers really fell apart - and some folks preferred to just do taco style - but most of us got the burrito style rolling technique down. Nobody went hungry, that's for sure!

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