Thursday, April 09, 2009

Seedling FAIL!

GARDENING UPDATE: First round of seeds did not germinate - I tried to germinate them outdoors, putting the seed tray in the solar dehydrator. I suspect it got too hot in the day, too cold at night.

Sunday I spent some time replanting the seedling tray. I also put all the kales into the ground: Chinese kale (which looks like broccoli), broccoli rab, lacinato kale and black kale. I even got a couple of tomato plants at the farmer's market to put into the ground since my tomato seeds aren't doing so well.

Other items planted include: garlic, cilantro, endive, parsley, peas, fennel & dill seeds sowed directly in the ground.

The potato condo continues to look stupdendous, and I am sprouting more potatoes for the bald spots. I can't figure out how to get more water down to the bottom of the condo - the top is quite moist and I'm finding the occasional mushroom growing (oh, yay for wood chips in the organic soil).

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Green Bean said...

Ug, I've only had so so luck with my seedlings this year. One thing after another. All of this start again, stop again spring isn't helping either. Still, it seems to always start out like this and then, by September, I've forgotten about all my trials and tribulations.

The potato condo sounds awesome. I'm so trying that next year.