Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pepple's Donuts Brunch


"Come this saturday from 10am to 1pm to china cafe, home of pepples donuts at 14th and peralta in sweet west oakland for a vegan soul plate. hashbrowns, mushroom gravy, avocado, and dave's killer bread from oregon. dollar donuts and dollar wok roasted coffee. radically green. ride your bike and bring your own cup."

-- Josh Levine, Facebook Status Update (4/9/2009)

Well! How can you refuse an offer like that? Brunch at the headquarters of the best vegan doughnuts in the Bay Area - Pepple's Donuts!

I told everyone I knew, in the hopes that at least one friend would go with me. To my delight, my friend Scott was up for it and despite getting a bit turned around trying to find Josh's West Oakland location, we found it!

Pepple's Donuts is based in an old Chinese cafe called "China Cafe." Here, he makes vegan donuts and distributes them to cafes and grocery stores all over the Bay Area. They are delicious. Brunch-goers were squeezed in at a short counter and two tiny tables where we were served the most fantastic homemade mushroom gravy on homefries. I brought a jar of plum habanero jelly to share with the toast.


The grilled tofu was a bonus - and all food was terribly delicious. I was so satisfied and stuffed after hoovering my plate full of yummy food - but still wanted more because it was so good! Let's not forget the donuts - Josh was making fresh donuts, on the spot - and we got to eat super delicious warm donuts. I even bought some to take home!


Good job, Josh & Rebecca!

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