Monday, August 25, 2008

Endangered Species Act - still threatened!

Hey! Did you write to your legislators about the Endangered Species Act yet? Well, here's a link that makes it easy to do so -- just put your information and zip and they send off the letter for you.

The new regulations would:

- Exempt thousands of federal activities from review under the Endangered Species Act;
- Eliminate checks and balances of independent oversight;
- Limit which effects can be considered harmful;
- Prevent consideration of a project's contribution to global warming;
- Set an inadequate 60-day deadline for wildlife experts to evaluate a project in the instances when they are invited to participate -- or else the project gets an automatic green light;
- Enable large-scale projects to pass without review by dividing them into hundreds of small projects.

Send a message to Kempthorne and members of Congress that these changes are unacceptable.


VeganVerve said...

Oye freakin ve, I am SO tired of those idiots destroying the environment AND the country as a whole. Good riddens to them when this president leaves office, I just hope the next will actually have a few brain cells!! *sigh* It is truly exhausting knowing all the ridiculousness (I'm using a nice word lol) that occurs in this reaaally is!

Carrie™ said...

I don't know much about this act, because I haven't heard much. I live in Canada. But just from what you've written here, it sounds horrifying. If I could send a letter, I would. When it comes to animal legislation, my country is very much like yours. For years I've been, along with hundreds of thousands of others, trying to get a bill passed in the legislature that will toughen up animal cruelty laws. What we have now is 100 some odd years old and nothing has been changed in all that time. Why do these a-holes not "get" it? Granted I have a cousin who is a Member of Parliament that helps to keep the bill alive. Why don't they just pass it. Or in your case, throw it out. Ahhhh!! It's soooo frustrating.
Anyhow, thanks for the visit to my blog. I'm going to read your 100 list now. I see that's going around. I find it very interesting and at times, informative.