Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Garden time!

SEEDLINGS: I confess - I'm afraid. I'm afraid that I started my seeds too late, for one thing. And, I used the wrong medium to start the seeds - it's been almost 3 weeks and NADA! The seeds are NOT coming up. I'm going to buy some more dirt and put together the seed tray from scratch. I just hope I still have some seeds for some of the varieties of tomatoes I wanted from last year.

GARDEN PREP: This is the only thing I've properly managed. The garden is all broken up - a friend with a contracting business loaned me a couple of his workers on a rainy day when they couldn't do their regular work. Best $84 I have spent all year. Today, someone is going to finish up the job and break up the dirt clods so it's nice and soft and I can actually plant seeds.

GROWING THINGS: Last Saturday, more greens went in - more parsley, lettuces, arugula and cilantro.

After a couple months of inactivity, the potato condo is showing promise - there are big green vines coming out some sides and shorter vines on top. I'll get some good pictures and get them up soon.

COOKING: Since I am on a diet, haven't been cooking a ton - though I have been eating a lot of banh mi from Little Saigon Express ($4 for a tofu sandwich with daikon & pickled carrots!). I recently passed along a frozen quart bag of persimmon pulp to a friend so she could try her hand at making persimmon jam. Mostly I have been eating lots of kale and greens - and brought home some avocados and strawberries from Gilroy to make salad with local arugula and peppercress for dinner this week.

I did pull a pretty good April Fool's prank last night, though...


Stacy Carlson said...

I am extremely interested in pics of your potato condo - thanks for posting when you have a chance. I'm thinking of planting potatoes in the next couple of weeks and building a tower type enclosure for them - Any advice much appreciated. I have a garden plot at the community garden at 36th and Macarthur (near the Home Depot in Emeryville).

Thanks! We met briefly at the marmalade exchange the other month and I've been enjoying your site. - Stacy

Jenn said...

Thanks - I have been lazy about updates lately - lots of gardening! You're welcome to visit and see the potato condo - drop an e-mail and we'll coordinate.

Jenn said...

Stacy - did you ever get a potato condo going? Mine is still going strong!